meet the team

Sylia Finney

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

With over eleven years of human resources experience in the United States Army, Sylia is adept at effectively directing personnel, organizational strength management and financial reporting. Her thorough comprehension of business principles, coupled with unbridled enthusiasm for success, commitment to community, and a true appreciation of cannabis, appropriately positions her to lead Sienna Collective to boundless prosperity.

Keith Edmond​

Chief Operating Officer​

Keith Edmond brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in logistics management. With nearly 30 years of performance in supply chain and organizational operations, his expertise has proven invaluable at various echelons of multimillion-dollar corporations. He served as a lead logistical specialist for Raytheon Aerospace and was responsible for direct oversight and fulfillment of high-value, secure government supply contracts. During his military career, he worked as the senior enlisted advisor in the Operations Branch of a Service Support unit. His responsibilities included drafting and revising operating plans; management of several databases used to ensure organizational uniformity and compliance with standard operating procedures; and the coordination and synchronization of logistical support for over 5,000 personnel. He is a newly retired Veteran of the United States Army, having Served an honorable 30 years active duty. Throughout his time in the US Army, Keith mastered core military standards that inspired the organizational values of Sienna Collective.

Shayla Finney​

Director of Communications and Public Relations​

Shayla has nearly a decade of experience in business communications and public relations. After earning her B.S. in Marketing from Woodbury University, she went on to serve in several executive assistant positions including a tenure as the assistant to the Vice President of Phoenix Houses of California, a not- for-profit rehabilitative and mental health organization. Her ability to efficaciously convey the organization’s mission, engendered the commitment of donors needed to sponsor an annual event which serviced over 30,000 community members. As Project Manager for a cosmetic research laboratory and, later, for a medical management firm, she regularly coordinated with stakeholders and clients to determine requirements and, subsequently, ensure that the company’s visions were thoroughly communicated. She is highly adept at providing in-depth analysis on market trends and assisting in the innovations development process. Her dedication is fueled by her sincere belief in the value that we bring to the cannabis industry and her desire to grow and inspire a community of cannabis enthusiasts.

Sylvanus Finney​

Chief of Marketing/ Director of Photography​

Sylvanus is the creative energy pulsing through Sienna Collective. He holds a degree in Communications from California State University Los Angeles and is an artist/photographer by trade. He has spent the last ten years communicating his visions through film and canvas. A glimpse of his keen eye for creating and capturing engaging artistic media can be seen in his Los Angeles-based, seven year-running fashion and lifestyle brand, LUXUND. His devotion to product knowledge has been instrumental to his success throughout his extensive experience in sales, specialized services, and energy technology with unicorn corporations such as Ecolab, Cintas and Bai. As a Brand Specialist for Bai, a major beverage company, he effectively utilized sales data and field feedback in order to direct innovative marketing strategies. His passion for customer satisfaction and his flair for aesthetic details, will continue to propel our brand into the future of the cannabis industry.

Calvin Clark

Director of Retail and Merchandise Design​

Calvin has a breadth of experience in varying aspects of retail and merchandising. After earning a degree from the Fashion Institute of Marketing and Design (Los Angeles), he worked primarily in the clothing and cosmetic sectors, where he developed an in-depth understanding of the principles and applications of merchandising theories and practices. As a merchandiser and retail manager for high-end labels such as Hugo Boss and Ted Baker, Calvin was responsible for directly influencing the success of those brands and ensuring that their retail visions were appropriately communicated to the staff and consumer. Throughout his career, Calvin has honed a penchant for efficiency, creativity, and innovation which will certainly prove invaluable to Sienna’s retail operations.


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